2.2 degreee decrease in temperature within 24 hours in this winter season, cold felt all day long

Winter Season: People have been enjoying the heat of the sun.

Winter season Chandrapur : The entire Vidarbha is reeling under a cold wave as the bad season continues to sweep. In Chandrapur district, the temperature dropped by -2.2 degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours, making it feel chilly during the day on Monday. It was so cold in the early hours of the morning that the number of morning walks was drastically reduced every day.

On Sunday, where the minimum temperature was 13.6 degrees Celsius, it has fallen to 11.4 degrees Celsius. The day temperature is declining tremendously with night. The day temperature has dropped by 1.7 degrees celsius to 25.8 degrees Celsius today. In Brahmapuri, while the day temperature was 27.5, the night temperature dropped by -2.8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The weather conditions remained stable in early December due to a changed atmosphere. The met department’s forecast of severe cold after the clouds cleared has proved to be accurate. It has been freezing cold across the district for the past two days. The temperature has started falling continuously. Today, on Monday, people were seen enjoying the sun’s heat in the sun outside their homes, in public places, as the body shivered due to cold wave during the day. With the onset of cold, tea tappers and famous brand tea shops have been crowded.

The winter season usually begins at the end of September and is at its peak by January, but this year there was no cold experience in the last 3 months, but the sudden change in weather for the last two days continues to bring cold wave conditions across the country and temperature is falling day by day. The entire Vidarbha has been hit by cold wave conditions.

As far as Chandrapur district is concerned, this region is known as tropical region, geographically Chandrapur has always been considered as a hot area. While the cold weather is usually limited, the cold weather lasts only for a few days as compared to other parts of the country.

In most tehsils, including the metropolis in the district, the cold conditions are negligible in the cold weather due to industries, coal mines. While the cold wave conditions are high in the forested tehsils.

This time, despite the large scale pollution in the metropolis, the cold is showing its impact, especially in rural areas, especially in villages surrounded by dense forests. People are lighting bonfires in the morning and evening to avoid the cold in the villages. In the late evening and morning hours, people are seen lighting bonfires around the courtyards and intersections of the house, tea tapri to protect themselves from the cold.

Winter Season fog
Winter Season

In public places, fire is often prevented by burning garbage lying nearby. People are seen discussing the day’s activities, politics, cinema and cricket by lighting bonfires in the interiors of the city, panthels, teafairs and public places between 9 pm and 12 pm. The roads have been heard since 9 p.m.