7 Amazing online income source for students


7 Amazing online income source for students

If you are a student, I know how it feels when you want to earn money but you don’t get any small job to earn a little so that you may fulfil your fantasy.

If you browse through the internet you may come across many online jobs like Data Entry,
Content Writing and many more. But the thing is you are a student. You just want to earn as
much as you like in your free time. By the way, Data Entry Jobs and Content Writing Jobs can
also be done on a part-time basis but you need to invest much precious time in these jobs.
As far I have been on this planet, I have tried many online part-time jobs in for both Indian and
International Clients from home. To be very true, when you get a small project to be done online
from an international client, you really get a handsome Payment in Dollars. Those small
payments in the dollar are having a high conversion rate in Indian rupees. So I would recommend you to get more clients from foreign countries.

So before starting the main part of the article you must be sure that you have the
following criteria for this amazing online part-time home jobs –

1) You must have a Paypal wallet because almost every client gives the payments of your
project through PayPal only. You can get very few who give via wire transfer.

2) You must be fluent in English. you should do very less grammatical error in your writing.

3) You must have a high internet connection.

4) You Should have a Smartphone or a Computer. Having a Computer is most preferred.

So let’s start with the various amazing jobs which you can do part-time and earn money.
Number 1 is Affiliate Marketing. Its never too hard to earn from Affiliate Marketing.

I have kept it on the because this is having a very high potential to make you earn high just by sharing deals.

The main things which everyone miss is the right strategy. As you just want to earn part-time so you don’t have to learn those strategies.

To earn from Affiliate Marketing you have to do the following :

1) Join the Correct Affiliate Program. There are many Affiliate program rather than
Amazon which also pays you pay per click. It’s an awesome way to earn. Examples of
those Affiliate programs are MaxBounty, Affiliate Marketing, NutraProfit, etc.

2) Now share the deals in your Whatsapp Group, Facebook Group and Twitter. If you use
the right hashtags while sharing the deals in Social Media, that Product get featured and
the chance of getting is sold becomes higher.

3) You must use images while sharing. There are many who share without an image.
Sharing the deals with an image makes a good impression and people seeing it may buy
it from your Shared link.

If have to follow this to earn a sufficient amount. However, by using the correct strategy one can earn a huge amount and can start a dedicated Business on Affiliate Marketing.
Number 2 is Data Entry Job. Many companies give Data Entry on a part-time basis.

You can do this. Here in this type of Data Entry job, you log in to the companies contributor page and start a project. The task in Data Entry is very easy. In most of the Data Entry jobs, you have to collect information from Google and Fillup in an excel sheet. You will get your payments per Hour.

You will be get paid between 10-15 Dollar per hour. It’s not less amount in India. Be
aware of Scam Website. There are many scam Websites on the Internet. To read more about Data Entry job you may visit this.

Number 3 is by Doing Surveys. It might sound awkward but this method is has a great
potential for Students to earn money online by doing part-time jobs. Choosing the right market research company is tough. So you might join The Panel Station, Lifepoints, Rakuten Insight, Valued Opinions etc.

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These are the leading market research company which give you sufficient amount to complete one market research. Don’t worry, completing one Survey takes hardly 20 Minutes. Giving 20 Minutes in a day is very easy for this job.

You may earn about 7000-8000 be joining more than one survey
companies. Many students prefer this over others for Earning. There are also many other ways for students to earn money online by doing Part Time Jobs.

So I would recommend you to read the full article about this topic and start earning from Here.

You may also read many online earning websites from his official website, www.livetvportal.com And many many thanks to the author who have given me this golden opportunity to present this article on this website.

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