A man was flying in the air in America, people watching the video said ‘This is the villain of the Spider-Man movie’


On June 21, in Times Square in the American city of New York, everyone was surprised to see a man flying in the air. This man was flying through the hoverboard. Such hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. Do you remember Franky Zapata, who flew over the English Channel on a flyboard in 2019? During this time his hoverboard had achieved a top speed of 177 kmph and he covered 35 kms in just 22 minutes. Although this time the person who surprised everyone on Times Square was someone else and his hoverboard was also quite different.

A video shows the man in full protective gear standing on top of a drone-like hoverboard and hovering over a road in a crowded space. He is seen standing calmly in this hoverboard. In the video, many people are also seen recording this wonderful moment in their phones or cameras. Even if you do, such a sight is not common even at present. The 10-second video, shared on Twitter by a user named Rex Chapman (@RexChapman), had been viewed by 8 million people at the time of writing the news.

Hundreds of funny things were also seen in the reply of this video. Some called it the villain Green Goblin of the Spider-Man film, while some expressed concern about the safety of this stunt.

The Spider-Man movie released in 2002 featured the Green Goblin as the villain. He also used to roam in a similar hoverboard in the US city. A person with the username @blurayangel remembered the Green Goblin after watching this video. She re-shared the video with the caption “Green Goblin???” Wrote.

Another user, @BlockbusterPlus, shared an image of a scene from the 2002 movie where the green goblin can be seen flying.

A guy with the username @Steven_C5 jokingly warned people. He was pointing towards the Green Goblin. He said who knows [भविष्य में] What form do you take?

User @KraigWith_A_K ​​took the joke to new heights by saying it’s a joke as long as it doesn’t show up in your bedroom window.

Some other reactions…

Inside Edition Magazine discovered this man flying in the air on a hoverboard. The name of this person is Hunter Kowald, who got permission from all relevant authorities to perform this stunt in Times Square. He says that he has worked hard for many years to accomplish this feat safely and accurately. They say that it is a meticulously built device, with a lot of protective hardware added. They have even installed two motors in this device, so that if one motor fails, the other can safely land.


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