After Eliminating Of 8 Polices In Kanpur, UP Police investigates own people

After Eliminating Of 8 Polices In Kanpur, UP Police Penetrates Own Guys

Well-known criminal Vikas Dubey stays missing considering that Friday’s bloodbath in Bikru town, which is around 150 km from Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. 8 policemen were killed in the encounter

After 8 policemen were assassinated in Kanpur by Vikas Dubey and his gang, the Uttar Pradesh police are examining their regional officers to discover who dripped info to the wrongdoers about the organized arrest. The police today detained Dayashaker Agnihotri, a gang member of Vikas Dubey, who states he was notified about the raid by somebody from the police headquarters. The station in-charge of Chaubepur, Vinay Tiwari, has actually been suspended and the police are questioning him.
The whole personnel of the Chaubepur police headquarters is under scanner. Stringent action will be taken if somebody is condemned of spying for the mafia, Mohit Agarwal, the chief of Kanpur police informed NDTV.

The policemen dealt with a hail of bullets from AK-47 in Bikru town, 150 km from state capital Lucknow, after 3 groups from Kanpur’s Shivrajpur, Bilhaur and Chaubepur went on a joint operation to capture Vikas Dubey on Friday. Vikas Dubey has actually shown evasive because regardless of a substantial manhunt by 25 police groups.

The raid was carried out after a regional, Rahul Tiwari declared that Vikas Dubey had actually tried to murder him.

It has actually likewise been declared that when Rahul Tiwari approached the Chaubepur station in-charge, Vinay Tiwari, he declined to lodge a case versus Vikas Dubey. Rahul Tiwari then approached Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Mishra, who got a First Details Report signed up.

When Devendra Mishra went to rob Vikas Dubey’s home, Station In-Charge Vinay Tiwari got away right before the encounter started, setting off suspicion. Kanpur police chief Dinesh Kumar, later on, stated the police group was assailed and the shooting originated from 3 sides, showing it was “absolutely prepared”. The group had actually been required to leave their vehicle and walk in the pre-dawn darkness after discovering an earthmover obstructing the roadway.

According to the police, he was dragged into the home of Vikas Dubey’s relative Prem Prakash Pandey and shot down. 2 of the shooters were killed by the police.

Prem Prakash– likewise a feared criminal and a part of Vikas Dubey’s gang– was killed in the encounter.

Vikas Dubey, a well-known criminal mastermind, is desired in more than 60 cases including tried murder, extortion, rioting and kidnapping. A criminal with political links, he was likewise the member of a political celebration in the past. On Saturday, the Kanpur district administration destroyed his home.