After the coronavirus, now the Chinese rocket is out of control, can fall on the earth at any time.


At this time the whole world including India is battling the havoc of Coronavirus and now the tension of another threat has come on the heads of some countries. In fact, the returning part of the Chinese rocket Long March 5B sent to space has lost its control and can only enter the Earth in an uncontrolled state any day. The tension is that due to uncontrolled, it can fall at any place. If it falls in the populated part, then many people can definitely die. This part of the Chinese rocket Long March 5B is said to be 100 feet long and weighing 21 tons.

This is not the first time that a Chinese rocket has gone uncontrolled. In the same month last year, a Chinese rocket lost control and landed in the Atlantic Ocean off West Africa. Long March 5B Y2 is currently circling around the Earth in low-Earth orbit and the eyes of space agencies of many countries are constantly on it. It is between the altitude of 170 km to 372 km above the earth. Its speed is being reported as 25,490 kilometers per hour.

Let us tell you that China is building its own space station and this rocket was launched on 28 April for this. By the way, Long March 5B had completed its assigned work. After going into space, it dropped the carried module in the designated orbit, but it lost control while coming back to Earth.

At present, looking at its speed and its axis, it is being estimated that where and at what time it will fall on the earth, but it is difficult to estimate it accurately. of SpaceNews Report Holger Krug, head of the European Space Agency’s Space Safety Program Office, has said that at this time it is difficult to tell how much of this rocket will survive on Earth, but it is generally believed that 20 of the core weighing 17800 kg. Of this, 40 percent will come to the land or will fall into the sea.

CNN’s Report According to, America says that their eyes are constantly on this rocket and it can fall on the earth in the coming two to three days this weekend. So far it is expected to fall around New York, Madrid and Beijing or it may also happen that it may fall around southern Chile and New Zealand’s capital Wellington. However, the report states that Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at Harvard University’s Astrophysics Center, says that there is no need to be afraid. They say that it is impossible to predict where its debris will fall, because the speed at which the rocket is traveling – a slight change in this condition can completely change the trajectory.

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