Airtel’s most expensive recharge plan of Rs 14,999, know what is special in this…


Airtel often remains in the headlines due to its expensive recharge plans. Some time back, the company had announced the closure of its most popular affordable Rs 49 plan, after which Airtel customers are now left with the option of Rs 79 to get the same benefits. Which is too much before. But, do you know about Airtel’s most expensive recharge plan and its benefits? Actually, the company’s most expensive recharge plan is Rs 14,999. Rs 14,999 is certainly a huge amount, so it would be a matter of thinking that what benefits the company would be providing to the customers in such an expensive recharge plan. Let us know about this expensive recharge plan of Airtel.

The price of this recharge plan of Airtel is Rs 14,999, which comes with a validity of up to one year. Now you must be thinking that the company’s plans with a year-long validity also come in between 2 thousand to 3 thousand, so what does this plan of about 15 thousand rupees bring anything special. Actually, this is the company’s International Roaming Pack, which provides you with many other great benefits for a full 1 year. Talking about calling benefits, customers get 1200 minutes of incoming and 1200 minutes of India calls in this plan. Also, customers can send 100 SMS under the plan.

If you are an Airtel customer and if you are planning an international trip for a long time, then surely this plan can prove to be very useful for you. Let us tell you, most of the international roaming plans are valid only for a very short time, but Airtel is providing you the validity of up to 365 days under this plan.

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