Amazon owners will see amazing views of the ‘Blue Planet’ for 3 minutes from space on July 20!


Jeff Bezos is preparing to go to space on July 20. But he won’t be there for very long. He will make this space journey in the new Shepard spaceship of his company Blue Origin. However, he will be able to see the glowing earth from space there for only three minutes. After that they have to return.

Bezos founded Blue Origin in the year 2000. He wanted to take the tourists to space through his launch system. The purpose of New Shepard is very clear. This spaceship will take people for the most memorable journey of their lives. In which the customers will be shown some amazing views from the biggest window of a spaceship in space by taking money.

Bezos will be the first person to travel in this spaceship. Along with him will also be his brother Mark. Apart from this, the person who bids the highest for the third seat will be given a place for the third seat. Through an Instagram post, Bezos shared that he has been dreaming of traveling to space since the age of five. He wants to go on this flight because it is the purpose of his life.

The interesting thing is that there will be no pilot in this spaceship. From West Texas it will fly with an automated system. Nor will any space-suit be used in it. After two-three minutes of take-off, it will cross the Earth’s gravitational field and after that there will be another three minutes for the people in space. In this three minutes, he will be able to see the view of space outside from inside the spaceship floating with the weightless experience in the spaceship by opening the seat belt.

The window of this spaceship will be so large that it will be one-third of the total surface of the spaceship. The window will have a beautiful view of the entire curve of the earth on one side and the dense black infinite space on the other. The feeling that comes during this amazing view of space has been named by the astronauts as “the Overview Effect”.

Ron Garan, an astronaut who spent 177 days in space, described the experience in a 2013 documentary called “Overview”. In Ron’s words- “When we look down at Earth from space, we see this wonderful, indescribably beautiful planet. It looks like a living, breathing organism. But at the same time, it is extremely fragile. Looks too”.

In short, the New Shepard spaceship will cross the Kármán line in just a minute or two. The Kármán Line is an imaginary boundary line at an altitude of 62 miles (100 km) above sea level. Then as soon as gravity pulls the spaceship back towards itself, it will start falling towards the earth. At the same time, three parachutes will emerge from this capsule, through which it will float in the air and come down again to the earth. Below a crew team will be waiting for Bezos and his teammates.

The duration of this entire journey will be around 11 minutes. This is because New Shepard is a suborbital rocket. It is too small and its engines do not have enough thrust to push itself into orbit. So any tourist riding it, including Bezos, will have a sight to peek above the edge of space.

Another rocket company, Virgin Galactic, has flown people in similar suborbital flights in the past. But their mission requires pilots to land their aircraft-like vehicle. The entire flight for New Shepard is automated so there will be no pilots or professional astronauts on board.

Blue Origin hasn’t clarified whether Bezos or his comrades will wear a pressurized space-suit and helmet during their flight. But the company’s website states that New Shepard passengers will only wear jumpsuits.
NASA astronauts and their international counterparts all wear pressurized space-suits when launching or landing. NASA began requiring it after the Challenger tragedy in 1986, when the Space Shuttle broke down during launch, killing all seven crew members.


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