Apple Watch Series 6, Watch Series SE Sales Launched In India, Starting Price Of Rs 29,900


Apple Watch Series 6, Watch Series SE Sales Launched In India, Starting Price Of Rs 29,900


Apple Watch Series 6 Starting Price of Rs 40,900
Apple Watch Series SE Starting Price of Rs 29,900
The difference between the ECG feature in both watches


The sale of Apple’s new Smart Watt Watch Series 6 and Watch Series SE has begun in India. Both these smartwatch have been launched globally last month. Let’s say that while the Apple Watch Series 6 is a premium smartwatch, the Apple Watch series SE is a budget smartwatch. Both these smartwatch have a difference of ECG feature.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price

The Apple Watch Series 6 will be available in two variant 40mm and 44mm prices of Rs 40,900 and Rs 43,900 respectively. These prices are of GPS variant . The prices of GPS + cellular variant are Rs 49,900 and Rs 44mm respectively. Hdfc Bank is getting a rebate of Rs 3,000 with this watch.

Apple Watch Series SE Price

The prices of 40mm and 44mm GPS version of Apple Watch Series SE are Rs 29,900 and Rs 32,900 respectively, while the prices of GPS + cellular verint are Rs 33,900 and Rs 36,900 respectively. With the watch, HDFC Bank is getting a rebate of Rs 2,000.

Apple Watch Series 6 specifications

Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch Series will be in two verint of 6 40 mm and 44 mm. Both the verant ceramic and fire crystal back finish and will be in aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and ceramic material. The new watch has the Apple S6 SiP (system in package) which is claimed to be twice as fast as the S5 processor.

It also has a wireless chip which is for connectivity. It has a retina display with an all-on feature. Its brightness is up to 1000 nits. From Apple Watch Series 6 you can also detect the amount of oxygen present in the blood of the body.

For this, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensors have been given. In addition, it also supports hart rate monitors and ECG.  The Apple Watch Series 6 can also measure panic attacks. It has been claimed to have an 18-hour backup on its battery life.

Apple Watch SE specifications

Apple Watch SE is Apple’s most economical smartwatch. It will also have all the features in the Apple Watch Series 6. It also uses an Apple Watch 6 processor. The Apple Watch SE also has a retina-on display. In addition, it has features such as oxygen sensors, hart rate monitors, fall detection and emergency alerts. It also supports e-SIM, though the watch does not support ECG. Its battery life is also reported to be 18 hours.


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