Apple Watch’s fall detection feature saved one person’s life


There has been a case of saving the life of a man by Apple Watch. In the digital world, smart wearable devices like smartwatches have started playing a very important role in your daily life. Not only can your health be monitored with these devices, but in many situations, they save the life of the user. A similar case has also come to the fore regarding Apple Watch when a person’s life was saved due to this smartwatch.

According to a report in Gizmochina, a 25-year-old man from New York, Brandon Schneider, thanks the fall detection feature in the Apple Watch as it saved his life. Brandon was about to have a potentially life-threatening fall inside a bathroom at a New York hospital last month when his watch’s fall detection feature was activated. However, Brandon is a healthy person and leads a lifestyle that often involves exercise. But for a few days, he was complaining of pain in the stomach, regarding which he went to the hospital. He reached the hospital with his father.

There Brandon had to go to the washroom and for some reason he fell there. As soon as he fell, the Apple Watch’s fall detector feature detected it and sent a message to his father. When his father did not get any response after the emergency message was sent, he became active and hurriedly reached the washroom along with the hospital staff. There Brandon was found lying unconscious. Injuries like these require the immediate help that Brandon was able to get.

A CT scan revealed that Schneider had life-threatening hematomas in addition to fractures in his skull. This was followed by a successful emergency brain surgery in the hospital. The immediate response of Schneider’s father and physicians may have saved his life, as they had been able to prevent irreversible damage to the tissues of the vital parts of his brain. Brandon thanks Apple Watch for this. Schneider recently installed the Emergency Alert feature on his Apple Watch and encouraged everyone else to do the same.

The fall detection feature in Apple Watch helps to send an alarm or alert a loved one when a fall is detected. Here the user did not respond to its prompts within 45 seconds. It is not clear whether Schneider’s clock had sounded the alarm, and whether there were people around the bathroom who may have heard the alarm.

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