Aranmanai 3 Movie Review: Aranmanai 3 satisfying but Unforgettable Entertainment

Review of Aranmanai 3 movie: The demon of the wrong mother tries to avenge the landlord and his daughter, but a man stands in its way!

Aranmanai 3
Aranmanai 3

Aranmanai 3 Movie Review: With the Aranmanai rights, Sunder C seems to have created a safe zone for himself. These films are becoming a haven for the director, the plans he can take when his other films don’t work well, and help reclaim his box office mojo. After the first palace, he had the most trolled amber. After that, he did Aranmanai 2.

Rating : 4/5

Rajavathaan will come and now Palace 3 is coming after the action defeats. These movies are more or less critically sourced — they are scary and fun for kids, and they provide a temporary distraction for adults, so what’s there to complain about? – Sunder C’s decision seems brilliant.

This latest instalment follows the template set by the first film and hunts down its victim like a ghost.

We have a castle, a ghost that haunts it, strange characters (and there will always be a child who discovers the ghost), good female appearances, childhood-looking, just functional male tracks, Sundar C as the male saviour, the gods, supernatural magic (with a Sami song at the climax), Tactical visual effects, a fun song with comedic lyrics and of course the comedian who is the tastiest of the season. Santhanam in 2014.

By 2016, he had become a hero, so it was Suri. Now, it is, of course, Yogi Babu! As a bonus, this time, we also have Vivek, whose life began to get a second wind even before his unfortunate demise.

Here, Eswari (Andrea Jeremiah) is involved in the plot, he is mistreated by Zamindar Rajasekar (Sampath) and takes revenge on him and his daughter Jyoti (Rashi Kanna) as a demon.

Although Zamindar’s son-in-law (Sunder C) tries to figure out the reasons why the demon targeted his family, it has Saravanan (Arya), Jyoti vs romantic interest, he has come to the palace for repair work.

Since this is the third film of this franchise, Sunder C seems to have felt more happy . So, with the exception of the two-star comedians, here are three ghosts instead of one, the gigantic sets and the climax of the fight against the Kanzana franchise. The film does what it was supposed to do more or less.

We scare the jump and get some jokes (though, the film is not as fun as the first film). Arya disappears for the big sections of the film, Rashi Khanna is beautiful all the time, Andrea is interested and Sundar C is very confident in dealing with the monster, Vivek gives us some bitter moments and Yogi Babu makes insulting jokes.

It all happens in a predictable fashion, and by the time the film ends, we don’t feel overwhelmed or depressed. It’s, in a way, the director’s success – it keeps us fighting with pastable and instantly memorable entertainment.

Aranmanai 3 star cast

Raashi Khanna
Yogi Baba
Sakshi Agarwal
Sampath Raj
Sundar C
Kovai Sarala
Chitra Laximinan
Amit Bhargav
Jitendra Kumar as singer

Aranmanai 3 director:

Sundar C

Aranmanai 3 Producer:

Dhaval Pandya

Aranmanai 3 Music by:

C. Sathya