Battleground Mobile India play Store for pre-registration.


Battleground Mobile India is available to preregister on the google play store today. We will show how you can go ahead and pre-register the game on android.

Battleground Mobile India is an Indian version of the Popular game PUBG mobile. PUBG was in the news since a year since it was banned to get the game for Indian user, however there has been many obstacle they had to face to get the Indian version of the game.

Battleground Mobile India has beenlisted on play store so that user can pre-register this game. In order to attract the fans and players,Krafton has set forth special rewards which will be specific to Indian users only.

The company did not specify what the rewards will be,however as per the Krafton, the battleground mobile India will be available to play for free for users.-Both IoS and Android.

Users may be able to see same games modes as the global PUBG mobile, which includes battle Royale,Team death match,war mod,etc.

As of now ,Battleground Mobile India is available to pre-register on Android devices.

In order to pre-register, you need to go to google play store and search for the game as Battleground mobile India and you will get the pre-register button to pre-register the game.

As an alternate option, you can also click on this link which will take you directly to battleground mobile India play store link here.

Pre-register Battleground mobile India playstore.

Gameplay,Maps and features of battleground mobile India.

Krafton has done partnership with the FPS Metrol Exodus to add the new game mode called Metro-Royale in addition to other games modes.

A new underground universe with themed content will also be introduced.

The size of the battleground mobile India will also be less as compared to the global version of Pubg mobile. The Battleground mobile India may have the size of 610MB whereas the PUBG mobile had the game size of 1GB.

Restrictions for minors in Battleground Mobile India.

There may be some restrictions for minors in Battleground mobile India which may include the below points:

  1. The phone number of the parents or guardians will be required for the minors to play the battleground mobile India game.
  2. Minors can play the game only for 3 hours a day.
  3. There is a cap on the Maximum amount which can be spent for in game purcahses which is ₹7000 per day.

You will also receive notice if you have played the game for more than hours a day.

However, it is unclear how the company can ensure that its users are of legal age. The intent of the restrictions which be defeated if the procedure is solely based on the information entered during registration without any authentication.

We will know more about this only when the game is officially launched to play on the mobile devices.