Battlegrounds Mobile India First Impressions Similarities Differences With PUBG Mobile Gameplay Tweaks Weapons Maps Open Beta


Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access went live on Thursday, with the game being made available in beta version via Google Play. We were also one of the lucky few who got this early access, as it was full within a short time after the program started. We’ve got to play the game and it’s clear that Battlegrounds Mobile India is just PUBG Mobile with minor changes. Some leaks had said that the game would be released on June 18, but now it seems difficult. At the moment it is also not clear how long this beta stage of KRAFTON Battlegrounds Mobile India will run. Let us know how this Early Access build of Battlegrounds Mobile India is at play and how many differences and similarities it has as compared to PUBG Mobile.

If you are a PUBG Mobile fan, your nostalgia will be refreshed when you open Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Android device. After logging in or creating an account with your previous pubg mobile account, you will get home screen and background music similar to pubg mobile. The best part is that you can also transfer your in-game data from PUBG Mobile. The game will also ask you if the player is over 18 and is in India, however, at this stage you can answer it with ‘Yes’ without any verification required.


As soon as we came to the home screen, we immediately opened the Erangel map and we got a message about a safe gaming. This message states that Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a simulation and has no relation to real life. Apart from this, it has also been said to avoid playing the game for a long time. This message will appear before each of your games starts. Perhaps it may irritate the player, but it is also necessary in terms of safe gaming and an effort to prevent players from playing the game for a long time. Now, since this beta version was open to a limited number of people, we’ve got plenty of bots to match. It was like the early days of PUBG Mobile.

The Erangel map in Battlegrounds Mobile India is very similar to that of PUBG Mobile, with you getting the same controls as well as familiar weapons and equipment. One of the advantages of this game being exclusive to India is that we did not face any lag, frame drop or ping issue while playing the game. However, with actual players on the same server, the experience may change slightly.


Battlegrounds Mobile India comes with the same map, similar weapons and gameplay mechanics as PUBG Mobile, except that it has been developed for Indian players. It gets some minor changes. Now the blood effect has been changed from red to green. On the top left where it shows the number of ‘Alive’ players and the number of players you ‘Killed’, it now shows ‘Alive’ and ‘Finished’, perhaps another move on violence and security. You cannot manually select your server in Battlegrounds Mobile India, as this option has been disabled. It is not clear whether this option will be available in the future.

We got Battlegrounds Mobile India OnePlus 7 Pro In which the game took a total of 6.06GB of storage and was on version 1.4.0. It only asked us for permission for the phone’s storage and it would also ask you for microphone permission if you use in-game chat. KRAFTON hasn’t shared the game’s release date yet, and it’s unclear how long it will be in open beta.


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