Battlegrounds Mobile India players are getting their PUBG Mobile items


Battlegrounds Mobile India is returning certain items to its players via in-game mail that were not previously available for PUBG Mobile transfer. South Korean developer Krafton has shared through a post on the official website that players who had items like 2021 Spring Mask, McLaren 570S Coupe and its color options, M16A4 gun etc. in PUBG Mobile, can now get them in Battleground Mobile India. Will be able Crafton officially released Battlegrounds Mobile India on July 2 and gave players time to transfer their data such as inventory, achievements, currency, etc. from PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020 due to data privacy issues. Following this, developer Krafton withdrew Indian operations from Chinese company Tencent and launched Battlegrounds Mobile India in May this year. The developer also gave players an opportunity to transfer most of their data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India, but the service was stopped on July 9. However, some content was not transferred during the service. Now, Krafton where is That some previously non-transferable data will be sent to players via in-game mail. The developer has also shared a list of items to be transferred. Let us tell you, these items will come in the account of only those players who also had them in PUBG Mobile.

Entertainment Box Headgear
UNKNOWN’S Trenchcoat
2021 Spring Mask
McLaren 570S Coupe (Zenith Black)
McLaren 570S Coupe (Lunar White)
McLaren 570S Coupe (Raspberry)
McLaren 570S Coupe (Glory White)
McLaren 570S Coupe (Royal Black)
McLaren 570S Coupe (Pearlescent)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 1)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 2)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 3)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 4)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 5)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 6)
Blood & Bones – M16A4 (Lv. 7)

Battlegrounds Mobile India players in July big content update met. But after this update there were some problems in the game. Last week, the developer fixed some of these problems. fix via patch update did too. But some still remain. Krafton says that players are still not able to claim UC in-game currency. The developer says that it is continuously working on such problems and they will be fixed in the coming times through updates.

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