Battlegrounds Mobile India’s new patch update fixed all these problems


Players were facing many problems in the first and major update of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, after which developer Krafton also promised to fix these problems soon. A client patch was released on Saturday to fix some of these problems. The update fixes a major bug that caused the Battle Royale game to get stuck on the loading screen. This only happened when the player was wearing a unicorn-set outfit. Apart from this, the problem of sudden shutdown of Battlegrounds Mobile India on some devices has also been fixed.

Krafton has released a client patch via the Battlegrounds Mobile India site. release notes shared. As per the notes, the update fixes an issue that was causing the game to get stuck on the loading screen while wearing a unicorn-set outfit. This was first reported last week came to the fore Was.

The latest client patch also fixes an issue that was causing the game to shut down when accessing the Seasons (C1S1) menu on some devices. Fixed the issue of players not being able to shoot while driving the buggy car in Mission Ignition mode. In addition, the patch fixes another problem, which was dampening the sound coming from the other player’s Tesla vehicle.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has received the patch via a server-side update. This means that you do not need to download a newer version from the Google Play store. However, this patch will be applicable only after restarting the game.

Apart from these fixes, there are still some other problems to be fixed. For example, Krafton has site However, it is reported that users are still not able to claim UC in-game currency in some cases. Some users are not even able to claim rewards from the daily special bundle. Similarly, in some cases, when a user accesses a claimed supply medal from an Advance Supply Crate, the game takes the user to the wrong page.

Krafton has advised users experiencing all these issues to report the game to the developer team via Settings > Basic > Customer Service.


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