Biden to take big decision as he takes office, NRI living in America to benefit

Joe biden oath ceremony
Joe biden oath ceremony

Joe Biden: Good news can come for Indians living in America. It is reported that Joe Biden will change America’s immigration policy, which will greatly benefit Indians living in the United States.

America Election is the big day for America today, Joe Biden is going to be the 46th president of America. For the United States, this opportunity is special, but Indians are also on the spot.

Big decisions are going to be made by Biden

The newly elected President of the United States, Who is going to give a great good news to Indians on the first day, is going to take over the power.

Joe Biden is planning to introduce a bill on the first day of his administration. The bill will provide citizenship for 8 years to nearly 11 million people living without legal status. According to statistics, the decision could benefit nearly 5 lakh people of Indian origin (NRIs).

Biden doesn’t agree with Trump’s decision

As the Democratic nominee in the presidential election, Biden had termed Donald Trump’s moves on immigration policy as a harsh attack on American values, hoping that immigration policy would definitely change if Biden became president.

According to media reports, it is almost final that Joe Biden is going to change Trump’s immigration policy.

How Indians will benefit

Future President Joe Biden has said he will work with Congress to improve the visa system, H1-B visas, to allow visa occupants to switch jobs.

This can greatly benefit Indian workers. The bill will examine the background of people living without any legal status in the United States by January 2021, and if they are able to make the necessary documents, they will first be granted temporary legal status for 5 years, giving them a green card. Thereafter, they can get citizenship for another 3 years.