Big Boss Telugu 5: Transgender as a contestant: From him to her: Inspiration for them

Big Boss Telugu 5: The biggest television reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is coming out. Became colorful with the first episode. Tied TV viewers. Another channel did not rotate. The Big Boss House became bustling with contestants.
As always this time too Bigg Boss House became a riot with contestants from different fields. People from different sectors, with different tastes, with different backgrounds all came together. Competing for a single title. If you want to know who the winner is, you have to wait for a hundred days.
This time transgender actress Priyanka Singh entered the Bigg Boss House as the ninth contestant. Priyanka Singh is actually a trans woman.
The original name was Teja. From him to her. Priyanka Singh has changed from Teja to undergo a sex change operation. Settled on television as Priyanka Singh.
Priyanka Singh was emotional after Bigg Boss came on board Dias. Host Akkineni Nagarjuna as a witness .. explained why she had to undergo a sex reassignment operation.
Priyanka Singh said that all the family members except her father accepted her as a woman. Awadh expressed that her father still could not accept that she was transgender.
she told her father that she would always be bright and that she was making a promise in front of millions of TV viewers.
She said that many transgender people live in fear of society and her goal is to inspire them.
Big boss telugu 5
Big boss telugu 5 priyanka singh
Shanmukh Jaswant Dias came on as the tenth contestant. He sang the song ‘Who Are You’ in the movie ‘One’ starring Mahesh Babu with exciting steps. Not to mention that there is some regression in his life.
It is known that in March this year he was found by the police in Drunk and Drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol, he caused a disturbance on Jubilee Hills Road No. 10. His rash driving destroyed two cars and two bikes. Shanmukh Jaswant was arrested by the police in the case. He was later released on bail.