Border dispute: Government preparing to respond to opposition allegations

Border dispute: Government preparing to respond to opposition allegations

According to the sources, the monsoon session of Parliament is likely to start after August 15.

According to sources, the government is gearing up to respond to the clash with China and opposition allegations in Galwan during the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament. It is also being prepared to answer congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s question in which he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “surrender Modi”.

There will be several issues in response to the government. This will include the issue of surrender to China in Tibet, the issue of surrender of about 40,000 square kilometres of land in Aksai China to China, the issue of surrender of hundreds of square kilometres of land during the UPA regime and the issue of signing and signing MoU with the Communist Party of China. That is, since independence, how the Congress party and its governments surrendered to China will all be in the government’s quiver.

As credible sources, the possible debate on the issue will be answered from the top level of the government. The monsoon session of Parliament will be as long as the previous session. According to the experts, it can be about a month. However, according to the Constitution, there cannot be a gap of more than 6 months between the two sessions of Parliament.

According to parliamentary rules, the monsoon session of Parliament should be adjourned till September 23. In this monsoon session, the government is also required to pass 11 ordinances from both houses of Parliament. As well as the view of corona, the social distance in that session of SNSDBK will be fully adhered to. MPs will be seated in all galleries except the press gallery except the House.

In the Lok Sabha, the Gallery of Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha Speaker Gallery, the Viitor Gallery will also be used for the seating of the Parliament. Similar arrangements will be made in the Rajya Sabha also. In the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament, the Prime Minister’s confidence and confidence in the country over China is being prepared to justify it with evidence and to bring Rahul Gandhi and the Congress to the glass.