Chhorii Review: ‘Chhorii’ gives a social message along with scare, read review before watching film

Nusrat Bharucha’s first horror film Chhorii has been released on Amazon Prime Video. If you are planning to watch this film, read this review first and learn how the film is.

Star cast: Nusrat Barucha, Mita Vashishta, Saurabh Goyal (Saurabh Goyal), Rajesh Jais (Rajesh Jais)

Chhorii Movie Story

8 months of pregnancy is leading a happy read life with Sakshi (Nusrat Bharucha) and Hemant (Saurabh Goyal). But that’s when a turn comes in his life when people hemant took money from to set up a business threaten to kill him if he doesn’t return the money. The two then think of leaving their homes and going somewhere far away. In that case, Hemant’s driver Kajala brings them home. But after coming here, the life of the witness changes. A witness has to face evil forces and protect his child from it. Now whether The Witness will be able to save her child or will she also join the curse will be known only by watching the film.

Chhorii Movie Review

Fewer characters and tremendous thrills and surprises will keep you connected to the film. The film has been shot so much that you will find everything real. The camera work is quite spectacular as if the camera has been properly mounted when the horror scene comes. The storyline of the film is quite great. It also mentions a social issue. Chhorii movie has as much thrill as the horror that is less found in horror films released so far.

Nusrat Bharucha plays a pregnant woman who wants to protect her child from evil forces. Nusrat, who started her career with a glamorous role, is now making a positive difference in her acting. Her character in every film is no longer just glamorous but a strong woman. Nusrat has done a great job in the film. Nusrat’s hard work is clearly visible in her acting. Mita Vashishta has played the role of Bhanno Devi very brilliantly. After a long time, the audience got to see Mita’s performance. Mita played the role of both a bad and good woman.

Saurabh Goyal who plays Hemant looked natural in the film but did not get much time on screen. Rajesh Jais played Kajala well. Even in low screen space, he attracted the attention of the audience with his acting.

Chhori Movie Review
Chhori Movie Review

The film’s director Vishal Vishal Furia has made up his story by linking it to a social subject. At the same time, he has cracked horror in which everyone has performed brilliantly. That’s why Chhori enjoyed watching. At the same time, this film also makes you think about social evils that persist over time.

Our view on Chhorii

You can watch it if you like horror movies. Many horror films have been released in Bollywood for quite some time now but they lack horror. You won’t see that deficiency in this film.