Congress-BJP leaders brainstorm on CM after bihar elections

Congress-BJP leaders brainstorm on CM after bihar elections

In bihar assembly elections, NDA won 125 seats and managed to win a majority while the Grand Alliance fell to 110 seats.

While the discussion on the chief minister has intensified after the bihar assembly election results came in, opposition parties are constantly accusing them of rigging the counting of votes. While the NDA won 125 seats in the polls and managed to win the majority, the Grand Alliance fell to 110 seats.

Congress leader says he will give up, says analysis

Senior Congress leader Tariq Anwar said, “We have been defeated. We’ll analyze and improve it. We’ll improve what we’re learning in the days to come. There was no shortage at the central level. Rahul ji and Sonia ji gave full support.

We have to correct our mistake. When Rahul ji was called, he came. It was our responsibility to take the Congress forward. There was a shortage of Congress at the state level. This time Nitish will be good governance babu not Katputli Babu. On moral grounds, he should not become chief minister.

People rejected them: Giriraj Singh

BJP leader Giriraj Singh said, “There is nothing to say on Tanveer Hasan’s statement. Congress leaders took a dig at the BJP and admonished JD (U). The leadership in the Congress and such people are Amarbel in the Congress.

The branch of the same are drained. In Bihar, they are accusing the Election Commission of being useless. The people rejected them. Many people came to the fray who were with the BJP and also from JD (U). It all happened this time. This is the subject of review.

‘Congress has done the job of extinguishing lanterns’

BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said, “On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, the people of Bihar have given this gift to Modiji. They have stamped on their tongue. The NDA is blessed by the majority and the people of Bihar love them very much,” he also targeted the Congress and rjd alliances and said, “The Congress itself has done the job of extinguishing the lanterns. The Congress does where it is. The Samajwadi Party was shrouded in UP,” he said.

At the same time, he targeted the stunning, saying, “The allegation of the stunning Yadav on the Election Commission is irresponsible. The seats that have been won have also been received after the election commission’s count. They have to think about why they gave so much seats to the Congress. Why did we exclude the party and the VIP party.

Why made arrogant statements. It should worry. What will happen by keeping 10 lakh jobs. The voters of Bihar have woken up. The RJD should know that Nitish ji has 125 seats and he will become the Chief Minister. Our leaders are the same and will take the oath.”

Anurag Thakur says Congress needs introspection

Bjp leader Anurag Thakur said, “Rahulji should have worried about the Congress. There is resentment within the Congress. His vote bank is continuously decreasing. The Congress is going to collapse and these people just know how to do appeasement politics.

Just visit the temple before the election. We are building a self-reliant India under Modiji’s leadership. The Congress should introspect.

“Modiji is a popular leader in the country and the world. Bihar also acknowledged that Modiji helped him a lot, so there is love for Modiji in the country. Bengal will not lag behind.. He won’t be afraid of violence. Mamataji did not even bring down the money of the calamity that Modiji sent. Violence has no place in democracy. The bullet will not win with the ballot,” he said.

NCP leader accused of rigging election

“Ratan ji has made the right allegation. The thief was brought to the government by the door. This time the postal ballot and machine count was running simultaneously for the first time. The postal ballot count was disturbed. The Election Commission gave the cleanliness twice.”