Coronavirus Cases Slow in U.S., but the Big Picture Remains Tenuous


Coronavirus Cases Slow in the U.S., but the Big Picture Remains Tenuous

Reports of the latest cases have decreased nationally, and deaths have slowed. But reopening plans leave unanswered questions.

CHICAGO — the amount of latest coronavirus cases confirmed within the US has steadily decreased in recent days. In NY, the figure has dropped over the past month. The numbers have also jumped in hard-hit Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and few states, Vermont, Hawaii and Alaska, are reporting few new cases in the least.

But that progress is very slow and unsure.

The nation has reached a dangerous moment within the course of the epidemic, embracing signs of hope and starting to reopen businesses and ease the very measures that slowed the virus, despite the danger of a resurgence. With quite two-thirds of states significantly relaxing restrictions on how Americans can move about over a previous couple of weeks, a small increase in cases is widely predicted.

Months after the spread of the virus, only about 3 per cent of the population has been tested for it, leaving its true scale and not knowing the path while it continues to make people sick and kill them at alarming rates. quite 20,000 new cases are identified on most days. And almost a day this past week, quite 1,000 Americans died from the virus.

“We’re seeing a decrease; undoubtedly, that’s something good to ascertain,” Jeffrey Shaman, an epidemiologist at Columbia University, stated. “But what we also are seeing maybelot of places right the sting of controlling the disease.”
The slowing of latest cases may be a stark change from a fortnight ago when coronavirus cases were stuck on a stubborn plateau nationally and case numbers were rising in many nations. As of Friday, new cases were decreasing in 19 states and increasing in three, while staying mostly an equivalent within the rest, consistent with a database.

Encouraging signs have emerged in a number of the hardest-hit places.

In New Orleans, where many new cases were being identified every day in early April, fewer than 50 are announced daily within the last three weeks. within the Detroit area, which saw exponential case growth beginning in late March, numbers have fallen sharply. And in Cass County, Ind., where a meatpacking outbreak sickened a minimum of 900 people, only a couple of cases are reported most days this past week.

Even as many large cities saw their cases drop, increasing infections still be reported in parts of rural America. Some communities that are fighting to urge outbreaks in check finally appear to possess succeeded, but have little idea how long it’ll last.

In Sioux Falls, S.D., where the virus sickened quite 1,000 people at a Smithfield pork processing plant, the outbreak appears to be slowing, Mayor Paul TenHaken said. quite 4,000 Smithfield employees, their relations and shut contacts were recently tested.

Yet the mayor fears that his city’s progress might be temporary. On Monday, the plant will begin slaughtering hogs again. many employees are going to be back together at work.

“I’ll be honest, it makes me nervous,” Mr TenHaken said. “We’ve seen how a zero-case facility can become a 1,000-case facility.”

Epidemiologists pointed to at least one overarching reason for the decline in new cases: the success of widespread social distancing.