Covaxin Update: When will the desi corona vaccine launch? What did Bharat Biotech say about the price?


Covaxin Update: When will the desi corona vaccine launch? What did Bharat Biotech say about the price?

Amidst the growing infection of the corona, people around the world are awaiting a safe and effective vaccine. Three vaccines in India are moving ahead in this race and are just a few steps away from success. The three vaccine candidates are in the final phases of trial. India’s homegrown corona vaccine ‘ Covaxin ‘ has great expectations for the country.

The Bharat Biotech Company has teamed up with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV). The vaccine has shown a good impact in the initial phases trial. The question in the minds of the people across the country is when this vaccine will be launched and what the price may be. The Bharat Biotech Company has answered these questions.

According to reports, the Desi corona vaccine is ready to be launched in the second quarter of next year. A top official of the Bharat Biotech Company has given this information to news agency PTI. The official said, if all permission is received from the Indian regulator at the stipulated time, the company is planning to launch the vaccine by the second quarter of next year.

The Bharat Biotech official said that at present the focus of the company is on successful completion of the third phase trial of vaccine across the country. Bharat Biotech has developed Covaxin from the inactivated strain of SARS-Cov-2 developed at National Institute of Virology (NIV), which is planned to be launched after regulatory approvals.

Sai Prasad, international executive director, Bharat Biotech, told news agency PTI, “After establishing a strong data on the efficacy and safety of the vaccine in the last phase of trials, if we get the approval, our goal is to launch the vaccine by the second quarter of the year 2021. ”

Phase 3 Trial of Covaxin
Sai Prasad said that all preparations for phase three trial of the vaccine have been completed. Out of 13-14 states in the country, 25 to 30 places will have vaccine trials. Each volunteer will be given two doses of vaccine or placebo. The company says about 2,000 volunteers will attend the trial in each hospital.

Price not fixed
Bharat Biotech plans to supply its corona vaccine to private companies besides the government. “We are looking at the possibility of supplying vaccines to both public and private markets,” Prasad said. Apart from India, the rest of the countries are also in the early stages of discussion on possible supplies. On the price of the vaccine, he said that the price has not yet been fixed.

Two more vaccine trials underway
Let us say that apart from Covaxin, two more corona vaccine trials are going on in the country. These include ZyCoV-D of Jaydus Cadila and The Covishield vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca. The Kovichild vaccine is being prepared by the Serum Institute of India. In addition to these three vaccines, Russia’s first vaccine Sputnik V has also been allowed to conduct final phase trials of the forma company Dr. Reddy Laboratories.