Cricketer Balaji and Priya’s  Interesting  love story, both lost their hearts at first sight


Cricketer Balaji and Priya’s  Interesting  love story, both lost their hearts at first sight

Team India’s bowler Lakshmipathy Balaji has been adept at winning the ground, but in personal life he lost his heart to Hasina.

Lakshmipathy Balaji, a former Indian cricket bowler, does not need any introduction. He won a lot of hearts with the audience because of his bowling and unique smile on his face. Apart from his bowling, Balaji’s love story was also quite unique, which most people don’t know about, as Balaji had completely distanced himself from the media after saying goodbye to cricket. So let’s tell you about Balaji’s love story in today’s story.

Balaji managed to scare the front team with his bowling, but his injuries gradually affected his game, which led him to leave his first love cricket. He had the highest prominence in the Test series with Pakistan in 2004 when Balaji had been plaguing the Pakistan batsmen with his superb bowling. Let’s return to his love story now. In fact, Balaji has given heart to Chennai supermodel Priya Thalur.

Balaji and Priya first met during a function in 2009 and in the first time Balaji was floored by Priya. Priya, on the other hand, was also loved by Balaji for a first sight. Now, when the two eyes had accepted each other, what would have been the delay? Priya and Balaji did not take time to have a friendship, nor to turn this friendship into love.

Priya was also seen cheering Balaji in Chennai several times. After dating each other for several years, the two realised that they were no longer living separately, and in 2013, Priya and Balaji married and linked their names to each other forever. Even today, these beautiful couple are living with each other in great love.

Here’s a reminder that Balaji made his debut against New Zealand for Team India in 2003. While Balaji bagged 27 wickets in 8 Tests, Balaji took 34 wickets in 30 ODIs.