Cryptocurrency mining is being done by the energy generated from cow dung, will this end Elon Musk’s worries?


Cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways for investors and traders to make money, but mining cryptocurrencies has raised new concerns in recent times. The biggest of these problems is environmental damage. The heavy use of energy in crypto mining has become a matter of concern for governments, but there are some people who are working to find a solution to this problem. A farming family by profession in Britain has found a solution to this complex problem. This family has found a way in which mining can be done using a simple source of energy that is available in abundance in the world and it is cow dung. You may have been surprised to read this, but this is not a joke. Philip Hughes’ family has been able to mine cryptocurrency by running a powerful computer on renewable energy produced from cow dung.

Cow dung is available in abundance and very easily all over the world and this farmer family has taken advantage of this. Gobar gas has been produced in India for centuries and many people also generate electricity through it in rural areas. Philip Hughes’ family has done something similar. Cryptocurrency mining requires a huge amount of electricity, which also causes irreparable damage to the environment. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk often tweets about this issue. The issue of carbon footprint is one of the biggest problems facing the cryptocurrency market.

The Bury UK-based family hopes to change this with their renewable energy business that converts cow manure into energy to run computers that mine cryptocurrency 24/7. A member of the family, Josh Riddett, started EasyCrypto Hunter in 2017. Recently, his company reportedly made around Rs. 51.6 crore bookings. Riddett also told the BBC that he has seen an increase in inquiries from other farmers calling him about the project.

In 2020, Riddett attended the European Union Summit on Crypto as a delegate. In a statement, he said that Musk had wiped out billions from global crypto markets when he said bitcoin mining was bad for the environment, but that what his company was doing could not be greener, adding that Their computers were capable of mining hundreds of different digital currencies.

Josh Riddett, a member of this family, started a company called Easy Crypto Hunter in 2017 and according to him, he has received bookings worth more than 516 million so far. He also presented his project in 2020, at the European Union Summit.

The owners of the farm say that one site they built has 40 mining computers, which work 24/7. These computers are powered by a special Anaerobic Digestion (AD) machine, which converts cow dung into renewable energy. Easy Crypto Hunter says the company now has over 250 registered customers.


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