Dad Shakti Kapoor breaks silence on Shraddha Kapoor marriage

Shakti kapoor shraddha kapoor rohan shrestha
Shakti kapoor shraddha kapoor rohan shrestha

Shakti Kapoor father of actor Shraddha Kapoor broke silence on her marriage. Shakti Kapoor said that he does not know anything about Rohan and Sharaddha’s relationship as of now.

There are many marriages are done in Bollywood nowadays and are in news. Recently Varun dhavan married his long term girlfriend Natasha Dalal, but the now the report is that shraddha Kapoor is also going to get married. This has been reported by no one but shraddha Kapoor’s special friend.

Shakti Kapoor does not have any objection

Sharaddha Kapoor‘s dad Shakti Kapoor has given statement on these rumours. He said that he does not have any objection on her selection for soul mate.

Further he said that he is unaware of this relationship as of now and he does not even know if they are serious about their relationship.

Shakti Kapoors reaction on Shraddha Kapoor’s marriage

In one of the interview with ETimes Shakti Kapoor said that he will always stand by her and support her if she takes a decision to get married to someone.

He added why only Rohan shrestha, if shraddha Kapoor comes and tell me that who she has chosen to be her life partner, then I will have no objection to it.

Shakti Kapoor compliments Rohan

There is a good rapport between Rohan and Kapoor’s family. Shakti Kapoor further said that Rohan Shrestha is a good person. He comes home, but not just now , he visits kapoor’s home since his childhood.

Shraddha Kapoor did not inform me that she is thinking of getting married.For me they are still childhood friend and I’m not sure if they are in a relationship and serious about it.

Is Rohan Shrestha to become bridegroom?

Let us inform you that Shraddha Kapoor’s boyfriend Rohan Shrestha congratulated Varun Dhavans for his marriage, in return Varun Dhavan gave a reply.

Varun wrote something from which it can be understood that Rohan shrestha is also going to be bridegroom soon.

How did Shraddha kapoor and Rohan shrestha Marriage Secret Come out?

while sharing pics Rohan wrote”Congrats VD and Nat” “When you know then its known” VD you are very Lucky,to which Varun replied “I’m Indeed,Hope you are also ready”

Rohan Shrestha and Shraddha Kapoor spotted together many times

Now the fans of Shraddha Kapoor and Rohan Shrestha took it as a hint for their marriage.

Last year the marriage of Rohan shrestha and Shraddha Kapoor was in the news. Both have been seen together on a bike ride, parties and several interviews.

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