Dharmendra directs govt in Farmers Protest case, then deletes post

Dharmendra directs govt in Farmers Protest case, then deletes post

Dharmendra advised the Government of India on the Farmers Protest. It wasn’t surprising that a few hours later he deleted the tweet. You know what it was like in the tweet…

Farmers’ Protest is currently under discussion across the country. Bollywood celebs are also taking their own views on the issue. The farmers have been suffering for many nights and now bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra (Dharmendra) has also become worried about his distress. Dharmendra asked the government to find a solution to the problem. Dharmendra has tweeted and demanded the government of the country to find a solution to the problem of farmers, but then what happened was that Dharmendra removed the tweet.

Dharmendra tweets this

According to a report, Dharmendra wrote in his tweet, “The government is praying to find a solution to the problems of the farmer brothers at the earliest. The corona’s cases is growing in Delhi, it’s very sad.”

Farmers come from family Dharmendra

Dharmendra also comes from the farmer family and is originally from Punjab. This is why Dharmendra is worried about the farmers and he will not be able to keep quiet by looking at the situation. Dharmendra also shared a picture of him with a tweet where he looked very sad.

Farmers’ performance continues for several days

Farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have been protesting on the Delhi border for several nights. The Indian government had passed three bills in the past against which farmers across the country are on the streets. These farmers demand that the government withdraw these bills (Farm Bill 2020) unconditionally. However, the government is trying to convince the farmers that these bills will improve the situation. The round of negotiations between the farmers and the government is also underway. The talks are going on on in both sides, but there is no outcome yet.