Did PUBG get approval from Indian Government? see the proof of registration

pubg-approved-by-Indian-government-on ministry of corporate affairs.

Back in September 2020 pubg was banned by Indian Government as it had connection with tencent which is a chinese company. Government had to take these steps to ban lot of chiness apps including pubg mobile due to data security of the user.

The pubg streamer were sad as the pubg was banned and they could not continue the streams, however there were some users who still were able to play pubg as the global server of Pubg mobile was still working.

Later Pubg Corporation had to break relation with TenCent as lot of revenue was generated from Indian itself. Pubg had tweeted that they broke the relation with TenCent and recently since few months, pubg mobile India has been in news for its launch in India.

There were rumours that pubg could join hands with Indian big company’s such reliance Jio, however it could not be worked. The game could be launched, but not without Indian Government approval.

Pubg corportation has now tied hands with Microsoft azure and all of the user data in India will be stored on Microsoft server locally, so that there is no misuse of data. But as Pubg had given a link to download the game for Indian version which is Pubg mobile India on their official website, there were two links.

One link would redirect the users to playstore for preregistration and the second link was redirecting to the officlal facebook page of pubg. Pubg corporation has also released a teaser of the pubg mobile India game.

Pubg mobile India has now got the approval from Indian government and it may launch, however the date is not yet revealed of its launch. The company had registered on Ministry of corporate affairs as you can see in the below image.