Kangana Ranaut again targeted Diljit Dosanjh, the actor gave such an answer.


Diljit Dosanjh gave an appropriate reply to Kangana Ranaut. The actor has stopped speaking of Kangana Ranaut with his funny answer.

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh have been fighting on Twitter for several days for the Farmer Protest. After a long debate, Diljit Dosanjh sat silent, but Kangana once again took a dig at Diljit on Friday. Kangana has once again waged a verbal war. Now Diljit has responded to Kangana on Twitter.

Kangana said this

Kangana Ranaut asked, tweeting # Diljit_Kitthe_aa? After entering the hashtag trend, Diljit Dosanjh has responded to the actress. Diljit has stopped speaking of Kangana with his answer. Actually, Kangana Ranaut had shared a tweet sharing her photos. In this tweet, he had told the schedule of his entire day. She wrote that after 12 hours of shooting today she joined a charity function and #Diljit_Kitthe_aa?


Shortly after this tweet by Kangana (Kangana Ranaut), #Diljit_Kitthe_aa? Started trending on Twitter. Many users tweeted on Twitter with this hashtag, but now Diljit’s reply has come.

Diljit gave such an answer

Diljit Dosanjh wrote, ‘Wake up in the morning, brought to the gym, then worked all day … now I’m going to sleep. Take, read my schedule. He gave the hashtags #MeraSchedule and wrote #AaJa #Aaja with a laughing emoji. Fans are taking a pinch of Kangana on this funny answer from Diljit Dosanjh.

Kangana tightened up before

A few days ago, there was a long debate on Twitter between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit. Meanwhile, Kangana had called Diljit the pet of Karan Johar. Let me tell you, the dispute between Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut has now increased. Both have heard each other very well on social media. This whole matter is related to the Farmers protest.