Elon Musk finally broke up with Bitcoin, there was a huge drop in the price!


After the recent crash in the cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ether and other crypto tokens had started recovering that now Elon Musk’s tweet has once again brought heat in the market. Musk’s tweet has seen a fall in the price of bitcoin and some other coins. A meme was shared by Musk on Friday, which appears to suggest that Elon Musk has finally broken his ties with bitcoin. The world’s second richest man has been in love with cryptocurrencies since the beginning. Earlier this love was for Bitcoin, but recently Musk’s love has turned more towards Dogecoin. Bitcoin is probably going to bear the brunt of this.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) on Friday morning a Tweet whose connection is being linked to bitcoin. This is a meme, which talks about the lyrics of the famous song ‘In the End’ by the music band Linkin Park. Along with this meme, Musk has also posted a broken heart emoji. The song’s hair has a line “In the end, it doesn’t even matter”, which means “In the end it doesn’t even matter.”

After this tweet, there was a huge drop in Bitcoin. The past few weeks have turned out to be bad for the crypto market debutante Coin, as the price of bitcoin has only seen a decline over the past few months. Till writing the news, the bitcoin price in India was running around Rs 28 lakh.

Elon Musk has been behind the ups and downs in the price of bitcoin many times in the past. Some time ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla cars would be payable with Bitcoin and this tweet saw a significant increase in the price of bitcoin. Within a week, Musk took a u-turn And refused to accept bitcoin as payment. Many of his tweets have created an earthquake in the market. because of this a few days ago StopElon A coin was also launched in the name of

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