Elon Musk tweets again about Dogecoin, bitcoin price also affected


Elon Musk has proved yet again that he has the ability to influence the digital currency market only through his tweets. Recently, Musk said that his electric vehicle maker Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin as payment due to environmental concerns. Now Musk has tweeted that he is in talks with Dogecoin’s developers about how to improve the system’s transaction efficiency. Due to two separate statements, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has now touched a two-month low while Dogecoin has jumped 20 percent. The SpaceX CEO has tweeted in support of Dogecoin several times over the past few months, but has never said anything about bitcoin.

Now in a recent tweet, Musk made a statement about Tesla that bitcoin (price in india) The use of fossil fuels for key mining and transactions is increasing rapidly. That’s why Tesla has blocked vehicle purchases through this cryptocurrency.
A day later, he tweeted again, “Clearly, I believe in crypto but cannot be the reason for the increased use of fossil fuels, especially coal.” Due to this the value of bitcoin started coming down but then it came to a standstill later.

Now he has said that he Dogecoin (price in India) K developers to improve the transaction efficiency of the system. He said that this cryptocurrency has potential.

A large number of Twitter users welcomed Musk’s statement. One user said that now people are starting to think that Dogecoin is going to live here. Another user cited Musk’s earlier assertion when he said that crypto will now be the future currency of the world.

At the same time, a Twitter user @JeffTutorials asked him to stop manipulating the crypto markets. This user also got the support of many other users.

At times, Musk’s tweets have influenced the prices of Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Several tweets from Musk in February caused a huge jump in the price of Dogecoin. At the same time, in March, when there was a statement from Tesla that it would accept bitcoin as payment, bitcoin reached a price of $60,000 (about Rs 43 lakh) with its biggest jump.

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