Email accounts of about a dozen parliamentarians hacked in Poland!


A case of hacking into the email accounts of members of parliament has come to light in Poland. Polish counter-intelligence said on Friday that the email accounts of nearly a dozen members of parliament had recently been hacked. It was one of the biggest cyber attacks on the country in recent years. The officials also disclosed more information about this.

The revelations come two weeks after officials said top Polish government officials were hit by a far-reaching cyberattack in June. The attack affected more than 100 email accounts of current and former government officials.

The breached accounts also reportedly included the personal account of Michael Dvorczyk, a top aide to the prime minister. This dent became the basis for a series of leaks. This also led to opposition criticism of the authorities for using private accounts to exchange confidential documents.

In a statement on Friday, counter-intelligence officials said the lawmakers hit by the hacking come from almost every parliamentary opposition group. The affected people were informed and given cyber security training.
The statement did not give details of the hacked MPs.

Polish counter-intelligence said on June 22 that evidence suggests links between hackers and Russia’s secret services.
He said the attack was carried out by hackers known as UNC1151. The group’s actions are part of a campaign known as Ghostwriters. It has targeted Polish politicians in recent months and has affected other countries in the region as well.

The Russian government and the Kremlin have repeatedly denied carrying out or tolerating cyber attacks following allegations from the United States about cyber attacks on US territory, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.
The Sejm, the lower house of Poland’s parliament, was not immediately available for comment.

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