Ethereum’s Whale Account Transfers Around Rs 13,500 Crore Ether Coins To An Unknown Wallet!


The price of Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, has fallen sharply over the past few days. Amid the fall, an ETH whale transferred a huge amount to an unknown wallet. The value of the transaction is 100,000 ETH coins i.e. approximately $181 million (approximately Rs 13,500 crore). This was highlighted by Whale Alert, a blockchain tracker and analytics company.

Ethereum is showing an upward trend with a gain of over 6% in just 24 hours a few hours after the transaction. Considering the positive trend of the market, the person who has bought the digital coins will benefit immensely from the transaction.
A “whale” in the world of finance is an entity that has enough power to influence the market of an asset by triggering large-scale transactions. However, the main issue with whale accounts is that they often accumulate billions of dollars worth of digital coins, giving them the ability to influence the cryptocurrency market alone.

Whale Alert As per the data published by the company, the transaction took place at around 9:30 pm (IST) on Monday. at that time price of ethereum It was around Rs 1.36 lakh. However in the last 24 hours this coin Coinbase data has increased by more than 6%.

Even Whale Alert on its official Twitter handle informed about the transaction. “100,000 #ETH (181,944,560 USD) transferred from #Gemini to unknown wallet,” read the tweet.

In a similar transaction in early June, a cryptocurrency whale moved 50,000 ETH coins from an unknown wallet to an unknown wallet, Whale Alert reported.

Bitcoin rival Ethereum has an estimated market capitalization of Rs 16.2 trillion according to Coinbase. The recent drop in its price is partly attributed to a move by one of its co-founders to leave the cryptocurrency industry.

Anthony Di Iorio, who helped build Ethereum in 2018, said he left the cryptocurrency ecosystem because he wanted to solve “big problems”. Anthony to Coindesk Told That he does not want to identify “as a crypto person”, but as a “problem solver”. He is reportedly involved in Project Arrow, which is working on building a zero-emissions vehicle.

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