Fau-G Game: An India game based on an Indian army theme.


Fauji Game: An India game based on an Indian army theme.

India has recently announced a ban on a very popular game Pubg. Pubg is an action-based game and is played by a lot of users around the globe. Pubg has a contract with Tencent and since taking Chinese apps into consideration, India banned the most popular game, where there are many streams who are earning from youtube streaming pub gameplay every day and there’s a lot of video on youtube based on PUBG gameplay.


Since the people in India who play this game are unhappy due to the decision taken by the Indian government, where on the other hand Popular Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar tweeted an upcoming FAUG game by sharing the image of it as a respect to Narendra modi’s AtmaNirbhar movement. Aksahy kumar tweeted by saying He is proud to present an actiona packed game for Indians which is Fearless And United Guards FAU-G.

As tweeted by Akshay kumar FAU-G is based on Indian army soldiers and the layer playing will get to learn the sacrifices of Indian Soldiers. In his tweet he also added that the revenue generate from the game of which the 20 percent is going to be donated towards #BharatkeVeer through FAUG trust.

Faug Game Release date:

There is no information given as to when this game will be launched.

Who is the Developer of the FAUG game:

There is no information as to who is building this game.

People will know how this game can replace PUBG game. Users may install this game if the FAUG game has better graphics and better feature.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely based on the opinion as an individual and we do not wish to hurt the sentiments of the people of India as this can be a proud moment for INDIA to play its own launched game.