Fir filed agaisnt 4 people not letting bury the coronovirus dead body in the Bandra Kabrastan


Fir filed against 4 people not letting bury the coronavirus dead body in the graveyard

Muslim Kokani Kabrastan Bandra refused the family of the deceased person to bury the COVID-19 positive dead body after which the matter escalated to the high court.

HC had given the order to bury the body, after which the petitioner tried the supreme court’s door

Without interfering with HC, the supreme court advised Bombay HC to give hearing of this case in 2 week

On the order of HC, when relatives took the body for burial to Bandra Kabrastan, these four people went and tried to stop the burial.

Cases are registered against Mujaffer Jarif Khan, Akbar Jarif Khan, Yunus Mukawar Khan and Sanjay Naik (Secretary of Mumbai Cricket Association)

They threatened the BMC appointed team and provided misleading information that the matter against HC is with SC “Said Sabir Nirban (Proprietor of Fortune Developers) & Member of BMC Formed task force.

Fir registered under section 341,269,270,188,34