Freedom of expression has been misused mostly in recent times-Supreme Court Says


Freedom of expression has been misused mostly in recent times-Supreme Court Says

The Apex court, while hearing petitions relating to the tabern being jamaat on Thursday, said that the right to freedom of speech and expression has been the worst misused in recent times. The petitions filed in the court have sought action against TV channels by accusing them of transmitting fake news against the tabern being Jamaat and communalizing the Nizamuddin Mercury incident.

During the hearing, the bench made the remark when senior advocate Dushyant Dave, who was present on behalf of the Tabligi Jamaat, said that the centre has said in its affidavit that the petitioner is trying to violate the freedom of speech and expression. The bench said that they are free to make any kind of procrastination in their affidavit, as if you are free to give any argument.

A bench headed by Chief Justice (CJI) SA Boelder slammed him over the fraudulent affidavit filed by the central government. The court said it has been filed by a junior officer. It doesn’t specifically deal with one instance of motivated reporting increased by the petitioner.

“you can’t take care of this courtroom such as this,” cji(Chief Justice of India) advised Solicitor General Tushar Mehta. The affidavit has been filed by a junior officer. It is very ambiguous and does not react to any incident of poor reporting. ‘

The court asked Mehta to ensure that the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting should file a new affidavit. The court asked the Secretary of the Ministry to give a detailed account of the steps taken earlier to prevent motivated reporting in such cases. Two weeks later, there will be next hearing of the case.

The petitions filed by Jamiyat Ulema-e-Hind, Peace party, DJ Halli Federation of Masjid Madaris, Wakf Institute and Abdul Kuddus Laskar allege that media reporting was unilateral and the Muslim community was wrongly portrayed.