From 5G to JioBook laptops, watch Jio’s big announcements live here


Reliance AGM 2021: The biggest meeting of the year of Reliance Industries AGM is being held today. Those who do not know, let them know that this is the annual meeting of the company, in which Reliance makes its most important and biggest announcements. Many big announcements are expected this year as well, the most important of which could be the Jio 5G network. Not only this, there have been reports of the company developing JioBook laptops for a long time. There is also a possibility of getting the first glimpse of this laptop in this meeting. The 2021 AGM will be the 44th Annual General Meeting of the company. Let’s take all the information about this meeting.

Reliance AGM 2021 date, livestream details

44th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries (Reliance AGM 2021) June 24, i.e. today at 2 pm Held Will be The company also informed in its public announcement that the livestream of the AGM is open to all the shareholders of Reliance. JioMeet will be done through Apart from this, the event will be open to the general public through the company’s two YouTube channels – Flame of Truth And Jio will be streamed live.

Jio 5G phone launch expected

In the announcements to be made during the AGM Jio 5G phone is expected to attend. Work has been going on this smartphone for a long time, in fact this phone was supposed to be launched by December. Let us tell you, Reliance Industries company Jio received an investment of 33,737 crores from Google in the month of July last year. The deal includes plans to make Android based operating systems for 4G and 5G phones. This operating system can be called JioOS.

The specification of Jio 5G phone has not been disclosed at the moment. However, it is believed that it could be mostly entry-level hardware.

Jio 5G network rollout may be announced

Apart from Jio 5G phone, a big announcement related to the rollout of Jio 5G network can also be made during Reliance AGM this month. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani in December reveal It was said that Jio 5G service will start in India from the second half of 2021. The telecom company is working on testing with Qualcomm company before the public rollout of the next generation network.

JioBook laptop launch expected

During the AGM, the company can also share information related to its low-cost laptop, which may be named JioBook. about this claimed It is said that it will come with 4G LTE connectivity and can work on Android based JioOS. Given that Qualcomm and Google act as investors and strategic partners along with Reliance Jio, the JioBook laptop can be expected to run on any of Qualcomm’s entry-level chipsets.

JioMart service expansion

Jio has a JioMart service, which the company can spread more in the coming time. This is the company’s hyperlocal e-commerce and Grocery Delivery Service For which Jio also partnered with Facebook to use WhatsApp as a distribution medium. This year, we can see Jiomart being rolled out across India via WhatsApp.


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