Future of Blogging – Will it be a Trendy Profession?

The future of blogging will revolve around people navigating and searching the
web on their mobile devices. It’s already skyrocketing. You’ve got to make sure
that your blog and your website are mobile-friendly and mobile responsive,
especially with google putting forth their mobile-first index where they’re indexing
the mobile version of your website first.

This is crucially important if you’re a blogger, and you must have everything in
place when it comes to this area. Now number five, which is an obvious one, is to
utilize social media to share your blog content. So social media is always
evolving. There are always new platforms coming out, but the popularity of social
media, in general, is not something to be overlooked.

If you’re a blogger, you want to share your content on these popular social media
platforms. An example of Pinterest, for example, has just blown up in recent
years. Suppose you’re not utilizing certain social media platforms for your
website. In that case, you’re going to be missing out on a large amount of traffic,
and this can be great, free, targeted traffic that comes into your website from
these social media platforms.

Future of Blogging
Future of Blogging

Make sure that you are sharing your content, your blog content, on these social
media platforms. Number six is that website speed matters.So the future of
blogging, you’re going to need to have a fast loading website. If we think about it

from an SEO perspective, Google would much rather rank a website that loads
quickly than a website that loads super sluggishly.

Just from a user experience perspective, you don’t want to have people getting
annoyed by how long it takes for your page to load as they’re navigating your
website. That’s just going to provide a poor, poor user experience. You can get
rewarded if your website is fast loading within the search engines.

You can outrank your competition compared to a slower ranking website as long
as your content is of high quality and value. One, this is a great way to give you a
little bit of an SEO boost, but two, it’s just also necessary from a user experience
perspective. You should optimize your Website for better ranking

You want your readers, your followers, your fans to have the best possible
experience on your website, and if your pages are loading fast and they don’t
have to wait to go from page to page, you can do that with a sluggish loading
website. People will get annoyed, your bounce rates are going to increase, and
it’s just going to provide a poor user experience.

Make sure your website is loading at optimal speed, as fast as you possibly can,
because this will continue to be important for bloggers looking to get ahead.
Number seven is to build your email list.Now, I know this is an important aspect
of blogging, but it’s also going to be the future of blogging.

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It would help if you made sure as a blogger that you are building your email list.
This is your biggest asset as a blogger. An email list, if all goes wrong, if your
blog gets hacked, if somehow your blog, I don’t know, you delete it for whatever
reason, you can always take your email list with you, and that’s a list of people
that have opted in to get more information from you.

They’re interested in what you have to tell them. A lot of these subscribers can be
customers, so continuing to build your email list in the future of blogging will be
crucially important. And if you’re a blogger and haven’t started building your email
list, I recommend you start today.

And number eight is that blogging is going to remain a long-term game. Even in
the future of blogging, I feel that it’s still going to remain a long-term game. You’re
going to need to produce high-quality content consistently, and you’re going to
have to allow the search engines to take some time to recognize this new content
on your website.

You’ve got to optimize your content with SEO best practices in mind properly. It
takes a while to start gaining some traction within the search engines to start
gaining some organic traffic coming into your website. You can combine other
traffic methods, of course, like social media and paid advertising.

Beside Blogging you can also learn skills that will help you in many aspects. So I
would highly recommend you to go through KnowledgeHub101 Courses. Either it
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But in general, as a blogger, one of your best traffic sources will be organic traffic
from the search engines, and SEO takes some time, and it takes some time to
build up your blog and your blog following in general. So just the last note as
we’re talking about the future of blogging is that it will most likely remain a
long-term game, so you need to be patient in your approach and your efforts.

All right, so that about wraps it up. Now, Of course, we don’t know the exact,
exact future of blogging and every little face that’s going to be involved in
blogging moving forward. But I think if you take in some of the recommendations
that I discussed in this video, you’re going to give yourself a huge advantage
compared to other web admins and bloggers.

And note that blogging is always going to evolve. In my opinion, as I said, it’s
always going to be worth it. It’s just going to change and evolve and morph a bit,
so as long as you’re okay with adjusting to that form as we move along, you
should do just fine.

With that being said, though, you need to be willing to implement new strategies,
change up some old strategies, and continue pushing forward with your website
and, again, remaining patient as well.

So with that being said, I hope some of these tips were helpful. If you enjoyed
this video, please go ahead and subscribe and give me a thumbs up on it and I’ll
see you on the next one. Thanks so much.