Goa Liberation day-Goa got liberation in 1962 here are some interesting facts

Goa liberation day
Goa liberation day

When you go for a holiday in Goa, remember: When the whole country was free, the slaves were still cool

The Portuguese did not leave Goa even after the British left. From 1947 to 1962 he stayed here.

Whether to spend a few moments full of leisure or enjoy life in a cool way. The first place that comes to our mind is Goa. Many of us also plan to go to Goa to celebrate the new year throughout the year. But you will be surprised to know why new year is so special for Goa?

Goa was liberated immediately before the new year

Even after 14 years of India’s independence, the open beaches of Goa did not belong to the Government of India. The Portuguese did not liberate Goa until 14 years after independence in 1947. The Portuguese were not ready to leave Goa despite repeated warnings. In such a situation, Goa was liberated by the Indian Armed Forces by taking joint action. Indian forces forced the Portuguese to leave Goa on 19 December 1961 under ‘Operation Vijay’. In honor of this historical event, Goa Liberation Day is celebrated every year 12 days before the new year.

Goa was a colony of Portugal for a long time

In March 1510 AD, the Portuguese attacked Goa under the leadership of Alphonso-the-Albuquerque. Since then Goa came under the occupation of the Portuguese. However, Yusuf Adil Khan of India attacked him to drive the Portuguese out of Goa. Fearful of this, he also fled to Portugal but Albuquerque regained it. Napoleon captured Portugal between 1809–1815. After this, Goa remained under the British until 1947. This area became the main center of the British maritime trade.

When the British went, the Portuguese took possession

The Portuguese did not leave Goa even after the British left. From 1947 to 1962 he remained frozen here. The Indian government finally resorted to military action to expel them, when Goa became a part of India. Panaji was made its capital.

Next time you go to Goa, remember its history. If the erstwhile soldiers had not shown their bravery, then heart stealing Beaches of Goa would not have welcomed you with his arms outstretched. After independence, Goa became an international tourist spot. Here people come to enjoy the beauty and cool lifestyle of the sea.