Good news for Dogecoin investors, now this American company will accept Dogecoin for its service


Cryptocurrencies have consistently generated curiosity among investors. Recently there was a market crash and in some countries action was taken by the authorities. But despite this, they are quickly gaining slow but steady acceptance among companies eyeing a huge market of digital coin users.

Wag, a US-based pet-care service company, has now decided to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment through BitPay. It said that pet parents can use cryptocurrencies to buy credits. It can be used to pay for on-demand dog walks, overnight care, pet training, veterinary advice and any other service offered through its app.

Pet care companies in the US were hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic as most people stayed home or decided to take their pets for walks on their own. So these companies quickly moved towards a more sustainable business model. They introduced digital payment technology and started focusing more on providing delivery and online support.

In a tweet, Wag revealed the big news, saying, “We now accept Dogecoin via BitPay.”

The company said that on every cryptocurrency transaction it has decided to donate a portion of its proceeds to efforts to curb the impact of carbon on the environment. For this, the company talked about supporting the purpose of DOGE community #DoOnlyGoodEveryday. your official Website But wag! Said that now parents can buy Wag Credits through DodgeCoin. Also the company added that with every purchase we will plant a tree.
at the time of writing this news dodgecoin price in india 13.89 was Rs.

Wag! CEO of Garrett Smallwood said they are very excited about integrating cryptocurrencies into their platform and making it easier for people to pay at their own convenience.
The company said it found there was a clear demand for this form of payment after months of engaging with the cryptocurrency community on social media.
BitPay tweeted that we Wag! Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency. Now parents of pets can use cryptocurrencies, including #dogecoin, to buy @WagWalking credits.

BitPay’s Chief Commercial Officer Soni Singh said that as cryptocurrencies continue to become the preferred method of payment, Wag! Companies like this are realizing its importance. He further added that “Wag!’s consumer convenience initiative gives users an opportunity to step into the world of futuristic payment methods. This will definitely benefit Wag!.”


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