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Today, from 23rd July, the ‘Maha Kumbh of Khelo’ i.e. Olympics has started. The 2021 Olympics are going to be inaugurated in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Google is also celebrating this occasion in its own unique way. The search giant has created an Olympic themed mini game that’s super fun to play. A doodle has been drawn on the main page of the quest and all the interactive games have been placed inside it. Seeing it, it is known that this is Google’s biggest doodle till date.

Google’s doodle Clicking on brings up a short video clip showing several characters in Japan. After the end of this clip, the mini games begin. Developed by Tokyo-based Studio 4°C, this mini game series will remind you of mini games from the 90s. The game is like a 16-bit adventure game. It is set in a fictional place called Adventure Island.

At the start of the game your character has to choose one of four colored teams. After this you have to defeat the sports giants in seven sport games. For every game you win, you get a scroll. The scores of all four teams are shown live on the leaderboards in the map. You have to keep earning as many points as you can to keep your team on top. Games are fun to play and Google’s offering is certainly nothing short of a gift for Olympic fans.

The Tokyo Olympics 2021 were originally scheduled for July 24 to August 9, 2020, but were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the Games have started in Tokyo and will run till August 8, 2021. However, many types of restrictions are still included in the meditation games of the pandemic. This time, for the first time in Olympic history, no domestic or foreign spectators will get a chance to participate in the Games. Not only this, athletes, support staff and media will be subject to many other strict COVID-19 protocols ranging from social distancing.

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