Google introduced Android 12, will be equipped with changed design and better security features


The Google I/O event is over and the company has made several big announcements. One of these announcements is about Android 12. The number of Android users around the world is huge and users are eagerly waiting for the latest version of this operating system. The wait is over, as the upcoming Android 12 has finally been unveiled to the world. The new operating system has been completely redesigned. It looks attractive than before and many new features have been added to it. Let us know about these changes.

Google I/O 2021 In May, the company has announced the latest version of its smartphone and tablet operating system, Android 12. The new operating comes in a changed form. Many changes have been made in it and useful features have also been added. New security features have been added to make the new operating system more secure than before. At first glance you will see a big lock screen clock in it, which looks attractive. This time the quick settings have also been changed. The notification bar is also different from before and a shortcut to Google Pay has also been integrated in it. This will save many steps for users to make digital payments.

In the latest Android version, Google Assistant activation has been shifted to the power button. The user has to long press the power button to bring up the Google Assistant. Google says that the operating system has been optimized more than before, so that it will enhance the performance of the phone. Widgets will also appear in a redesigned look in Android 12. Thanks to the new privacy dashboard, the user will be able to get all the details of data access in detail. This will tell the user which data was accessed when. The user will also be able to cancel the permission directly from the dashboard. Through quick settings, the user will now be able to disable the camera and microphone with a single tap. This is a very good and useful feature in terms of privacy.

Now that it is Google’s own operating system, the company has also added connectivity features to Android 12 with ChromeOS. This allows Android users to unlock their Chromebooks from their phones, and it will make file sharing, data syncing and many more tasks easier. Through this, the user will be able to access his phone’s data in his Chromebook. Incoming calls, SMS or notifications in the phone can be seen through Chromebook. It will be very much like Microsoft’s Your Phone feature.

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