‘Government is giving free internet for 3 months’, beware of this fake message of WhatsApp!


A fake WhatsApp message is going viral, in which it is claimed that the government is giving free internet to 100 million or 100 million users for three months. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has termed the message as a fraud and confirmed that no such announcement has been made by the government. The message also contains a link, which can be used to trick users and steal their personal data. Users are advised to ignore any such messages and inform their other contacts about such scams.

PIB tweeted information about the fake WhatsApp message on June 1. Also shared a short video showing the content of the message. The video shows that the message is giving wrong information to the users. It is written that the government is giving free internet and this offer is available till June 29 for Jio, Airtel and Vi (Vodafone Idea) users. It also includes a link that takes the user to a website asking users to submit their personal information. Keep in mind that doing this can put all your data in the wrong hands. So avoid doing this.

Such fake messages often go viral. In April, a message went viral that claimed to have brought WhatsApp Pink, which could have allowed hackers to gain access to users’ data and access affected users’ phones. PIB had also reported another fake message last week, in which it was falsely claimed that WhatsApp is being monitored by the government and if you see a red tick in your chat, then action can be taken against you.

In order to prevent the spread of fake messages more, WhatsApp has a label ‘forwarded many times’ ie ‘Forwarded many times’ on that message, but still it does not stop people from spreading the message.

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