#HindiDiwas | Hindi Diwas 2021: Hindi Nahi Mal? Award for Government Institutions Promoting Hindi


#HindiDiwas: Every year, On September 14, India is observed as Hindi Diwas or Hindi Day

Every year, India observes Hindi Diwas or Hindi Day on September 14. The day is celebrated to commemorate hindi written in Devanagiri script as one of the official languages of the country. In addition, this day also prevents people’s interest in English in India and ignorehindi.

Mahatma Gandhi’s description of Hindi as the language of the crowd is very impressive. The father of the nation had also talked about making Hindi the national language of India.

History of Hindi Diwas

On September 14, 1949, India’s Constituent Assembly recognized Hindi as the official language written in Devanagiri script. However, the first Hindi day was officially observed on September 14, 1953.

The aim behind choosing Hindi as one of the official languages was also to ease the administrative processes of the country, which speaks different languages.

In addition, many writers, poets and rights activists had come out with demands that Hindi be declared the official language of the country.

Hindi is not the only official language in India at present. Hindi is only one of the many official languages of the country.

Many languages were kept as official languages in a situation where people speaking many languages were part of different cultures in the country.

what is Hindi Diwas?

Hindi Diwas is observed every year to promote the use of Hindi language. Hence, the authorities have suggested that Hindi be used instead of English in all government offices. Different literary and cultural events are organized on this day across the country.

In addition, the Rajbhasha Kirti Award and the Rajbhasha Gaurav Award will be awarded on this day.

This award will be awarded to various ministries, government departments and other PSUs for their role in promoting Hindi.

In addition, many schools and colleges in the country organize many arts and cultural events and competitions on this special day.

Such programmes are primarily aimed at increasing awareness about Hindi in people. The President will honour the persons who have contributed for Hindi at an event held at Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi.