How far is it right to invest in the falling cryptocurrency market?


The cryptocurrency market has always been uncertain and volatile. But the recent earthquake in this market has proved that it is necessary to think very carefully before investing in digital assets. While others are talking about doubling the profits and recommending investing in this lower level market to get maximum returns in the times to come, a reddit user has created a list from January 2018 . The list shows that only 12 of the top 100 digital currencies have touched their old record highs since 2017. The user advises investors to do research before considering holding this currency for a long time.

This user named shineyumbreon has made a list of those digital currencies which have touched their peak value again. In this list bitcoin (price in india), ether (price in india), Binance Coin (price in India) and Dodgecoin (price in india) Are included. This user wrote in his post on Reddit, the rest of the cryptocurrencies neither reached their old peak point nor could they even come close to that score. Barring a few exceptions, every single project is witnessing a decline of at least 60 per cent.

Giving his own example, this user said that he was also one of those people who trusted someone else’s advice in 2017 and kept all the coins on hold. This user further said, “When he saw that many people are advising other investors to hold the coin even during this crash, he thought that the other side of the holding should also be brought to the public.”

“It only works if you’re holding onto the right projects. In 2017 if you picked one in the top 100 cryptocurrencies, you only had a 10 percent chance you’d pick the right project.” The user said that people investing in cryptocurrencies need to do thorough research and only then choose the right coin so that they can get market advantage of holding it in the coming time.

The post garnered 93 percent positive response and more than 100 comments. Most of the users said that the crypto they are holding is included in the list created by shineyumbreon. A user named ellersh7623 said, “This is a great post. The holding strategy is only for some serious crypto projects. But it works.” A user named RamHead04 wrote, “I’ll save this list for the next bull run. It should hang at the top of CryptoKitties.”

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