How to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India, from new features to system requirements, know everything


You can now pre-register on Google Play for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India. This does not mean that iOS users will not be able to play this game. For now, pre-registrations are open to Android users only, but the game will be available for iOS users as well. This time the Indian version of PUBG Mobile has been developed and published by South Korean video game company KRAFTON, which is also the developer of the PC version PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) of the game. Keeping in mind the concerns of the Indian government and parents regarding PUBG Mobile, a new privacy policy and some new gameplay rules have also been implemented in the new game. Where are the pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India and how to register, read below for all these details.

From today i.e. May 18, Android users in India can pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India). Players who pre-register will also get some exclusive rewards. At present, Crafton has not shared the release date of the game.

Where and How to Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

As we mentioned, the pre-registrations are currently open for Android users on Google Play. To preregister, you have to open the Play Store app and search for “Battlegrounds Mobile India” game in it. Here you will find KRAFTON, Inc. Open the developer’s app and tap on the green Pre-Register button there. If your device supports auto-installation, the game will be installed as soon as it becomes available for your device, otherwise you will have to download and install it yourself when you get a notification.

As we mentioned, its release date has not been shared at the moment. Players who pre-register will also get exclusive rewards. These include Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title and 300 AG. AG appears to be the game’s new in-game currency.

Information included in the Google Play Store listing suggests that the game will feature squads as well as a one-on-one gameplay option. The game is built in Unreal Engine 4 and supports 3D sound. Launch week events will be held in the first week of launch and players will have a chance to win exclusive outfits.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Game System Requirements

Google Play listing suggests that the phone must have at least Android 5.1.1 version or newer to play this game. Apart from this, the player’s phone should have at least 2GB RAM.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Features

The exact information about the gameplay or features of Battlegrounds Mobile India has not been shared, but it is certain that the gameplay of the new game will be similar to that of PUBG Mobile. This mobile battle royale game will come with multiple modes and gameplay. Recently the developer teased a map What appears to be Sanhok, the popular 4×4 map of PUBG Mobile. However, it may happen that its name is something else instead of Sanhok. The poster included in the Google Play Store listing suggests that the game will also have an Erangle map. A new map is also visible in the listing screenshot, showing several large buildings and a huge water tank. Apart from this, the glider will also be included in the vehicles. A new face is also appearing in the characters, who can join the game by default.


The game’s privacy policy has also been confirmed by Crafton to be updated. As per the new policy, players under the age of 18 must obtain consent from their parent or guardian to be eligible to play the game. A parent or guardian who believes that their child has provided personal information without their consent can contact the developers and request the removal of the information from the system.

Apart from this, there is news that some changes can also be made regarding violence in the game. Like the Game for Peace version in China, in this version also the red effect of blood can be replaced with green. Game play time can be limited.


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