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How will the changed look of pubg mobile know everything


PUBG Mobile India is coming to India in the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India, it has been confirmed by itself. For the past several months, many speculations were being made about this game, but the fans were losing their hope. The government was also not reacting to the game’s return and KRAFTON, the game’s developer, was just blaming for a ‘soon return’. Now, the company has confirmed that the game will be coming to India under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. Although no exact information has been given about its release yet, but we have managed to gather some information about it through official statements and some leaks.

some old things

At the beginning of September 2020, the Indian government banned a total of 118 Chinese apps and games, including PUBG Mobile. Banned was. This ban has been imposed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the provisions of the Information Technology Rules 2009. Subsequently, due to allegations of breach of user’s privacy and data espionage, PUBG Corp. (subsidiary of Krafton) decided to take the PUBG Mobile franchise back from Shenzhen-based games company Tencent Games in India to take back all publishing responsibilities in the country. Crafton hoped that the government might not be so strict about the game after the end of ties with the Chinese company, but it did not happen. The company’s attempt failed.

banned and published return the responsibilities In November 2020, almost two months after the launch, a glimmer of hope came to the fore for PUBG Mobile players, when the developers of PUBG Mobile launched a game called PUBG Mobile India. new game announcement of. Krafton said it was “specifically designed for the Indian market.” Several trailers for the new game were also released. Since then, the company has continued to operate in India. Appointment and recruitment of senior officers started. On the other hand about the game from the government serious statement were also coming. This was followed by some leaks about the game from the last few months, which rekindled the hopes of its launch and finally, Krafton officially announced PUBG Mobile India aka Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How will the Battlegrounds Mobile India game be?

At present, the company has not shared any official information regarding the gameplay, but leaks and some statements made by the company have given us some idea of ​​the game’s outline. First of all, as the company said at the time of the announcement of PUBG Mobile India, this game is specially designed according to the rules of India. Even the colors of the tricolor have been instilled in its people, so that it will give a sense of belonging to Indians. Now, Krafton, which is now facing notoriety in India, has completely removed the name of PUBG Mobile from the new game, but that does not mean that the new game will be much different from the old game.

It will still be a battle royale game. Although it may happen that some changes have been made keeping in mind the rules of India and the concerns of the government. one with the announcement teaser Also released, which doesn’t give specifics, but it suggests that its graphics, characters and gameplay will be similar to the old game. The background music of the video is also like the old game and the outfits are almost the same.

in the announcement Crafton had said that Battlegrounds Mobile India would be released with “exclusive in-game events and features”. However, this does not mean that we do not get to see some old outfits in it. One of Sarkar’s concerns was the game being violent and addictive. For this it may be that Krafton has worked on it as well. Tencent re-released PUBG Mobile in China a while back under the name Game for Peace, with similar things in mind by turning the blood green and limiting the play time. It may be that Krafton has done something similar for India.

It was reported late last year that the company is planning to invest crores to promote e-sports in India and while announcing Battlegrounds Mobile India, the company has also said that it will organize special events for India. Will go We are hoping that the game will also feature special e-sports tournaments for India.

When will Battlegrounds Mobile India launch in India?

At present, there is no official information about when the game will launch. At the time of the announcement, the company had said that the pre-registrations would start for the game first and then it would be released. The game is expected to come simultaneously on both Android and iOS platforms. It is also possible that the game will first launch in a closed beta program and then open beta and finally stable release. Krafton does not want the popularity of PUBG Mobile to be reduced due to bugs in the new game.

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