In addition to free unlimited data overnight, this plan of Vi comes with 168GB data, free calling


If you are a Vi customer… and are fed up with the normal pack with 2GB data daily… then today we are going to give you information about a plan through this article which is priced at 1.5GB and 2GB plans. Will provide you 3GB data daily. Not only this, apart from the normal calling and messaging benefits, there is also a lot of special hidden in this plan. Actually, in this plan, customers are provided with free unlimited data overnight, which is not deducted from their existing plan data quota. In such a situation, this plan is going to prove to be the best for night binge watchers. Apart from this, if you are not able to use 3GB data daily, then you will not waste the remaining data, but in this plan you can use the remaining data on weekends. Let us know about the price of this plan and the benefits hidden in it.

Key to this great pack of Vi (vodfan idea) cost 558 is just Rs. At this price, other companies provide 1.5GB and 2GB data only, but in this recharge of Wi, you will get 3GB data daily. However, the validity of this pack is up to 56 days. In this sense, you have been given a total of 168GB of data in the Il plan. Apart from this, the pack includes unlimited calling on any network. Also, you can send 100 free SMS daily under the plan. This is a matter of general benefits.

Now, if we talk about the exclusive benefits of Vi, then it also includes features like ‘Binge All Night’ and ‘Weekend Data Rollover’. Talking about the ‘Binge All Night’ benefit, in this plan you are provided with unlimited data, in which you can use unlimited data between 12 pm to 6 am, and that data is not from your existing plan. will be cut. Apart from this, this telecom company allows you to use the remaining data under the ‘Weekend Data Rollover’ facility. Which means that from Monday to Friday, whenever you have not used the full 3GB data, you can use the remaining data of that day in the weekend.

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