India and China vs Philippines and Vietnam for Cryptocurrencies in Asia


It is certainly not easy to predict the future of digital money given the day-to-day changing state of the cryptocurrency market. But even then, even the largest and smallest countries have started getting serious about cryptocurrencies. While technologically advanced countries like China and Japan are setting limits on crypto, on the other hand countries like El Salvador are welcoming it with open arms in their economy.

Talking about Asian countries only, China and India are not the only Asian countries grappling with the fate of cryptocurrencies in their country. Smaller players such as the Philippines and Vietnam are also stepping into this space and digital tokens continue to grow in popularity as well.

According to the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) cryptocurrencies are an asset class that they cannot ignore anymore. He believes that bringing the crypto framework to an existing exchange will be more secure than trading on foreign exchanges. It has asked for a study on cryptocurrencies so that the government can run its pilot program from 2021 to 2023.

Both these countries have seen a huge increase in their citizens using cryptocurrencies over the past year. Statista Global Consumer Survey According to the U.S. results, they have the highest rate of cryptocurrency usage in the world after Nigeria. Central banks around the world, including the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), are considering blockchain-based implementation for fiat currency. At the same time, the decision of Pham Minh Chinh can be around that. He asked the bank to consider digital currency as part of Vietnam’s e-government development strategy.

India and China About CryptoCurrencies

Even though the Philippines and Vietnam are not enough to set the stage for Asian economies, their regulatory decisions are going against the continent’s two largest economies. Apart from China, India is also considering a bill that will regulate digital currency within its borders.

Exchanges in India have been struggling to operate since the RBI issued informal guidance to lenders in May, forcing them to withdraw services from some of the country’s largest exchanges. China has also raised similar concerns regarding large crypto miners and exchanges. take steps So that they can rethink how they do business. Countries like Philippines and Vietnam will become heaven for crypto market in Asia if there is a situation like crypto ban in China and India.

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