Indian government banned more 47 Chinese apps

Another government action against China’s app, 47 apps re-imposed on the ban

Indian government banned more 47 Chinese apps with another sturdy blow to China, India has banned 47 new Chinese apps. According to reports received so far, the apps were working as clones of 59 Chinese apps left last month. The decision to ban these apps has been taken on behalf of the Ministry of Telecom. The list of apps that have been included in the left 47 apps will be released soon.

More than 250 apps to watch
On the other hand, more than 250 other apps in the government have also been kept under investigation. These include many more apps like PUBG, Resso and ULike in addition to the 14 apps of Xiaomi.

Indian government banned more 47 Chinese apps for the security of data

The Government of India has a close watch on the apps of Chinese internet companies amid the Indo-China dispute. By examining these apps, the government is trying to review the dangers associated with them. The government is trying not to harm the security of the country and the security or privacy of Indian user data through these Chinese apps in any recent past.

Last month, it was imposed on 59 apps.

Earlier, the government had banned 58 other apps, including Tickettalk, last month. It also included many large apps such as cam scanners, share it and UC browsers. The government had termed India’s vulnerability and security as essential for the ban on apps. The revenue of these Chinese apps has been deeply hurt after the ban in India.

The government has another action against China’s app. 47 apps have been re-deployed. Clones of already deleted apps have also been processed. China’s 59 apps have already been banned. The 47 clone apps that have been banned also include apps with Ticketock Lite and Cam Scanner Advance. Earlier, the Indian government has also announced an inquiry into the investment of Chinese companies in the country.

Last week, the government also changed the country’s general economic rules 2017. After which it has now become difficult for Chinese companies to participate in any government tender. According to an order issued by the government, companies from the same countries bordering India can now participate in the bidding of contracts. Who have registered themselves with the competent authority. This competent authority will be the Department of Industry and Internal Trade Promotion. With registration, those companies will also have to seek mandatory approvals from the Home and Foreign Ministries of India. Only then will those companies be able to do business in India.


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