International Dog Day 2021: History, Significance and why to have a dog

    International dog day 2021
    International dog day 2021

    International Dog Day  is celebrated annually on August 26 and was founded by animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert Collen Paige.

    International Dog Day celebrates  all dogs, mixed breed and pure. Its purpose is to help the public recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, either from public shelters, rescues and purebred rescues.


    Dog is man’s best friend

    It is often said and believed that dog is man’s best friend. This saying may or may not be true, but a recent study by some UK scientists has shown that the dog is definitely man’s best friend.


    A study of dog DNA was carried out at the Ancient Genomics Laboratory at the Crick Institute in London. This study showed that dogs have been domesticated since the end of the last age, which was about 11,000 years ago.

    This claim has also proved that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by humans.

    The research also showed that the genetic patterns of dogs were somewhat similar to those of humans. The reason behind this could be that wherever humans went and shifted, their pet dogs were also with them.


    Super Bowl excitement level

    For adopted dogs on August 26,  International Dog Day  becomes the birthday of many dogs and for all dogs, it is as popular and exciting as the Super Bowl.

    amazing facts about dogs

    Let’s take a look at some incredible facts about dogs to help you get a better understanding of these amazing creatures. For example, did you know that the most successful hunter in the world is the African hunting dog? These dogs are successful in 50 to 70 percent of their hunting. He also holds the Guinness World Record for this.

    Another Guinness World Record for being the oldest dog breed is held by the Saluki. This breed actually dates back to 329BC. At that time, in ancient Egypt, these dogs were kept as royal pets. There are rumors that this breed can be traced even further, as carvings of a dog have been located in the south of Iraq that look like this breed and can be dated to 7,000 BC. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

    Did you know that dogs have three eyelids? This is something that many people do not know about their furry friends. The third lid is a nictitating membrane, known as a hut. It is important to ensure that the eye is lubricated and protected. There are also certain characteristics that are associated with specific breeds of dogs. For example, Shar-Peis and Chow Chow have black tongues.

    Also, 30 percent of Dalmatians are deaf in one ear. Also, did you know that if a cheetah and a greyhound are face to face in a long distance race, the greyhound will win? This is because Greyhounds boast exceptionally long range speeds. They can keep a top speed of 35 mph for up to seven miles.

    How to Celebrate International Dog Day

    Recommendations on how to celebrate Dog Day range from adopting a dog from a rescue home to giving your dog a holistic spa treatment or even buying a T-shirt that matches yourself and your dog.

    The National Dog Day Foundation supports all breeds and varieties of dogs and discourages purchases from unethical backyard breeders and puppy mills; Instead, support reputable breeders or adopt from rescue homes.

    Dog Day has been endorsed by high-profile individuals such as former US President George W Bush, who has his own website for his own dog, Barney the Scottish Terrier, and has even starred in a series of short films. So today celebrate dogs and their diverse talents, both by making treats for the dogs in your life and by supporting dogs in need.

    You can also celebrate Dog Day by donating to an animal charity of your choice. You will probably find that you have a local dog charity or shelter in your local area.

    All you need to do is do a quick online search, and you’ll discover more about the amazing charities out there that are doing incredible things. There are charities and rescue shelters for dogs without homes, as well as organizations that organize dogs for the deaf, as well as therapy dogs and guide dogs. Donating to one of these organizations can make a huge difference.