Jack Ma returns, He were missing since Chinese government’s criticism

Jack Ma
Jack Ma

Jack Ma, owner and former chairman of Alibaba Group, China’s largest e-commerce giant, is back. Jack Ma was missing since October 2020. In October, he publicly criticized the Chinese government’s trade policies.

Jack Ma has disappeared completely since then. Meanwhile, no activity was observed on Jack Ma’s social media account.

Jack Ma seen in virtual program

Jack Ma started his career with the English teacher’s profession and touched the heights in the industry sector. They recently appeared in a social welfare program

He participated in the event in a virtual manner. In this program, he addressed 100 teachers teaching in rural areas. Jack Ma appeared in very simple clothes during this virtual meet.

He looked much quieter than his old personalities. Earlier, he always looked very energetic in his addresses.

He also addressed the teachers and said, “We will meet again after the corona epidemic is over. However, he did not share his location while participating in the event.

Jack Ma Were missing since Chinese government’s criticism

While attending an event in October 2020, Jack Ma criticized the Chinese government’s trade policies. He also questioned the country’s Financial Regulators for attacking the government.

He also demanded the government to reform the banking regulation system. The government did not like this public criticism.

It was only after the criticism that the Chinese government had also started investigations into Alibaba Group and Ant Group, owned by Jack Ma, in several cases. Jack Ma was also barred from moving out of China.

Alibaba shares surge

In October 2020, jack ma’s shares declined as soon as the investigation began on the companies. His disappearance for months also raised people’s confidence in the company.

The withdrawal of Jack Ma has once again seen a surge in the company’s stock. Alibaba Group shares jumped 6 per cent on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.